Our Badges

From six years old til eighteen, Scouters all around the world earn badges, however when you reach adult-hood no badges exist. Here at Scoutadelic we want to change that with unofficial Scouting badges (please note these are not official, therefore not able to go on your Scouting uniform). And we’re not even putting an age restriction on them, whether you’re a Beaver or a really really REALLY old Leader who remembers the dinosaur age, you can earn these badges as long as you meet the requirements. Some badges you can purchase once you’ve achieved them, other badges are rewarded by taking part in our show and other eventualities.

Scoutadelic badges range from the following:

Participation   Activity   Skills 

Participation Badges

These are given specifically to those who participate in the show, or specific activities. These are not for sale and must be earned by taking part.


Skills Badges

These are specifically aimed at skills you’ve learnt, from either your usual nights or even going for a proper training session with the Scout Association, a whole heap of different ones for those collectaholics out there.