At the beginning of every episode, someone will introduce themselves and the show before our main titles roll. Think you’re up for the challenge? You just need to send us a quick video that simply says the following:

⇒ Who you are

⇒ What Group you’re with

⇒ Ending with “This is Scoutadelic!”

The more enthusiasm, weird, wacky, different ways to do this, the more we’ll notice. It can be just you, your whole section, a group, even an entire district! It can include you on an activity, in an adventure or even upside down. However you wish to introduce our show, we’d love to see what you can come up with. Also, the shorter the better, what can you do in 6 seconds?

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Please note: All footage used must have prior permission from the person. If you don't give yourself permission, we won't be accepting it

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