The Golden Peg Awards

Scoutadelic would like to introduce to you the amazing Golden Peg Awards. We want to celebrate everyone who is amazing in Scouting, no matter your age, gender or even where in the world you are. We’ve been honoured to hear all your amazing stories, see some amazing photos and even get to chat to some amazing people. Now we want to say a big “thanks” to those people who might be amazing but maybe never know it, or that little extra bit of “well done”, or they really have an obsession about pegs that are golden. In either case, simply fill in the form below to nominate whomever you wish.

All entries must be in by the 1st September 2017


We want to know all about your nomination, so that if they win we're able to accurately contact their group and present them with their award


There are six amazing awards, so which does your nomination fall into?

Adventurous Award - someone who does something wild and challenging.
Awesome Award - someone whose great, inspirational, encompasses the Scouting coolness
Brave Award - someone with a great strength of character, whether in a dangerous situation or not
Creative Award - someone who is either arty or clever (doesn't have to be drawing ability)
Fun Award - someone who makes Scouting that little bit more... fun
Scoutadelic Award - someone you just can't describe about them...


Who are you, we'd like to know, just so when your nomination is embarrassed we can blame you