The Show

The show each month contains the following:

Intro (usually done by a different person/section/group per month)
Title Sequence
Brief Intro by Mike
60 Second Scouter – Random questions asked to the guest co-host of the month
Scout Skill – Co-Host presents a skill within 1-2 mins that other sections can make/use
Jagz’s Word of the Month – Jagz gives one word for Scouts (any age) to take a photo of
A Night In The Life Of… – each month a different section/group takes us on a tour of their night
Special – see below
Scout Tennis – Host vs Co-Host
Oggy Watch – Where is Oggy?


Specials can be one (or more) of the following:

Things Never Said – on a Scout Camp, etc. (get a few Leaders to give examples, a skit almost)

Watch. This. Space. – A complication of funny things Leaders/Adults have overheard children saying through there many years of experience.

Our Survey Said – The General Public is asked a certain topic or question that would be designed for a Scout and see if they know. For example, can you tie a reef knot? Who is the Chief Scout? When did Scouting start?

Poetry Corner – someone in Scouting (maybe a Beaver Scout), possibly in a scarf and doesn’t look like they enjoy poetry, reads poetry about Scouting that is submitted in.

Knock Knock – jokes presented by Beavers/Cubs age. No direction, just their favourite joke.

Wogglebox – Scouts from all ages are asked a specific question, for example “If I was Chief Scout…” and they’d reply, almost like a soap box for Scouting. All Scouts are filmed outdoors.

Top Tip – Scouters give their Top Tips on… ie: Youth Shaped Scouting

My Story – inspirational stories from Scouters around the world, daring feats of bravery or simply stories that make your heart warm, either topic based or themed or mainly just what story they want to tell about their Scouting life for 1-2 minutes.

Best Thing Eva – Scouts love to recommend things, so we ask them about their best wellington boot, campsite, designer jacket, so in this sense we ask Scouters their favourite X and clip it altogether

Scout vs Guide – It’s the longest question in the whole of Scouting. Are Guides better than Scouts? In the odd challenge here and there, we test to see whether a Guide can simply beat a Scout at a task..

Cub Scout Cinema – Cub Scouts try to describe films that they’ve seen, without revealling the title to see if people can guess

Cooking with Kidd – Tim Kidd (in a pink apron) teaches us a receipe that is easy to do and that is baked goodness.

Years Apart – Youngest Beaver asks Oldest Leader some questions, such as “what’s the worst thing about being a Leader/Beaver”, “What’s the best thing about being a Leader/Beaver”, “Do you wish you were a Leader/Beaver”, see how an age apart the conversation goes

Movie Trailers revoiced by Beavers – exactly what it says on the tin

Fake Film Trailers – movie trailers reenacted by different scouting sections

Fan Art Friday – on Twitter and Facebook we pick the best fan art produced, either via mail, email, twitter or FB



A quiz show, bit like Channel 4s Big Fat Quiz of the Year, where 3/4 teams of 4 play to answer Scouting questions. Split into 5 parts, across Boxing Day onwards

Movie Trailers – Beavers reenact certain movie trailers


Panto in a Day

Produce and perform a pantomime in a day with Scouts from around the UK.


The Big Fat Cook-Off

6 teams of Explorers (4 in each), 3 courses, all wrapped up so the Explorers don’t know what they’re grabbing and have to make a three course meal with it. Split across three segments for one show. Starter/Main/Dessert.


The Scoutadelic Ball

A dinner where we get guests on stage to have fun about Scouting, some light entertainment, and the ultimate dance.


Golden Peg Awards

(Forms sent out October 2016, decisions made in December 2016).

The Golden Peg Awards allow any age and any person to be nominated for an award.


  • Best Adventurer
  • Most Bravest
  • Tweeter of the Year