Campfire Digital Songbook

We all love a good sing around a campfire, but sometimes we don’t get to learn any new songs, or we get lyrics to songs but don’t know how to sing them. We’ve been trying to gather Campfire Songs from all walks of life to try and give everyone a chance to learn something new. Here is our list of campfire songs available for free!

Alice the Camel
Ant’s Go Marching

Baby Bumblebee
The Bear Went Over The Mountain
Beaver Song (v1)
Beaver Song (v2)
Black Crow Spirit
Boom Chicka Boom
Bottle of Pop
Brown Squirrel

Canção da despedida
Cecil the Caterpillar
Coca Cola
Cottage in the Wood
Crazy Elephant
Crazy Moose

Danger Men At Work
Donut Song
Down By The Bay

The Earth, The Air, The Fire, The Water
Elephant in the Attic
Everywhere We Go

Fire’s Burning

Ging Gang Goolie
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Grand Old Duke of York

Ham & Eggs
He Jumped From 40,000 Feet
Ho Hum

If You’re Happy And You Know It
I Met A Bear
In The Springtime
I Saw A Bird
It Is Good To Be Here

Julie Baby
Just A Little Piece of Tin

Kum Ba Yah (BSA signed)

Land of the Silver Birch
Little Green Frog

Mazu Mazu
McTavish Is Dead
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
My Hat It Has Three Corners
My Name Is Joe

Nelly In The Barn

Old Lady Leary
Old MacDonald
Old Woman Sat By The Churchyard Door
Once a Boy Scout Went To Camp
One Finger, One Thumb
One Man Went To Mow
Oni Wani Waki
On Top of Spaghetti

Peanut Butter Reeces Cup
Penguin Song
Pirate Song
Pizza Hut

Quartermaster Stores

Rabbit Fru Fru
Ram Sam Sam
Richard The Cowboy
Row Row Row Your Boat

Second Story Window
Singing in the Rain
Sunshine Mountain

Take Me Out To The Scout Camp
Ten Sticks of Dynamite
There Ain’t No Bugs On Us
Three Blind Jellyfish

Wee Wee Song
Witch Doctor
Where Be The Blackbird
The Worm

Or alternatively, purchase the physical copy of the Scoutadelic Campfire Songbook