JOTI Activities & Ideas

JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) and JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) happen once a year in October. This year is the 20th – 22nd October, with most of the activities being online through World Scouting’s page. However, if you’re looking at making a weekend out of it on a camp, there are other activities you can do whilst mixing it in with Official World Scouting online activities. Here is the list of some fun activities and ideas you can do:

Scoutadelic’s Online Events

World Scout Badge Meaning

Create your own Top Tips on Internet Safety

Mastering Basic Phrases in Different Languages

Fifteen Fantastical Facts about the World Scout Jamboree

Phonetic Alphabet and Using it with others around the world

Learn the Friendship Knot

Coding on Scratch Online

Tour around Gilwell Park (UK Scouting HQ)

Tour around Brownsea Island

Ahmad Alhendawi’s speech about Togetherness

Playing Geoguessr

Mental Health Five Positives

Water Filters

Some Vlogging Tips

Scout Jars

Country Charades

Text Speak

Activities from Around The World

Korean Chopsticks (Game/Activity)
1st Potato Scout Group
Viking Kubb
Bottle Top Castanets
Paper Chopsticks
Origami Boomerangs
Jumping Origami Frogs
Moving Paper Fish
Japanese Flying Carp
Welsh Cakes
Origami Cranes
Hit the Bucket (Game)
Can It (Game)
Hungry Crocodiles (Game)
Three Tins (Game)
Lighthouse (Game)
Luta De Galo (Game)

Scout Fact Files
Hong Kong:
Aotearoa / New Zealand: