New Term Ideas & Activities

Whether you’re starting a new year and you want to reintroduce everyone, or starting with a new set of Scouts or even starting a new group altogether. These ideas and activities can help to introduce teamwork, introduce each other and simply and above all, have fun!

Team Building
Marble Run
Lost & Found
Nuclear Waste
Fit Through A Postcard
Water Jug Puzzle
Stack ‘Em Up
Blindfolded Tents
Cook An Egg With A Candle

Getting To Know You
Me Too
Six Statements
Five Positives Portrait
Self Portrait
Head Bands

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt
Sharing Beaver
What’s My Vision
1st Potato Scout Group
Back to Back Communication
Dear Future Self
Risk Assessments

Caveman Poetry
Watch Out, There’s A Fox About
Tower Relay
The Island
Catch the Keys
Glowstick Gauntlet
Rucksack Relay