Jagz Word of the Month

If you’ve never heard or come across Jagz, he was one of the two UK Deputy Youth Commissioners originally as part of #YouShape, the Scout Association’s initiative to be more Youth Led. Jagz is an active Network member, with this Explorer unit and also known for his likeness to taking selfies, and is often seen using his selfie stick in meetings. It is noted, he may even take his selfie stick to bed (though these are rumours and almost untrue).

Each Month, Jagz will appear on our show providing you with one word. Using the power of the photograph (and however you see fit), you have one month to create a photo that encapsulates that word. Be inventive, inspiring, individual and make a photo that we’ll be blown away by.

This can make a really amazing night by doing it as part of the Scout Associations Photography Badge in (Beavers), (Cubs) and (Scouts).

Think you have the perfect photograph? Either tweet us using the #JagzWord, or submit it using the form on the Contact page (remember to select ‘Jagz Word of the Month’ from the dropdown).