Night in the life of…

Ever wondered what other Scout groups do? Ever thought others might love to see what your mad bunch of Beavers do in a night? Well, this is your chance. Each month we want to come through the doors of your hut, hall, barn, shed, where ever you attend your Scouting adventures and see the view from your eyes.

This can make a really amazing night by doing it as part of the Scout Associations Digital Maker Staged Badge, allowing the kids to learn about and even edit themselves. This can also go towards Media Relations And Marketing Badge in (Explorers) or (Scouts) and part of the Cub’s Entertainer Badge

Please note: Your submission must be in the range of 2 – 3 minutes only. Any extra and we may have to edit the video ourselves to fit the episode. Also, please do not add any soundtrack or music, as we are unfortunately unable to accept this. Maximum size: 100 megabytes (anything over, please contact us)

Please submit your entry using the form on the Contact page (remember to choose ‘Night in the life of…’ from the dropdown).