Adventure WSJ Challenge Badge 2/7


This badge is part of a set of 7 challenge badges to promote the World Scout Jamboree 2023, in which Oggy will be attending. This can either be purchased as a collector’s badge or complete the requirements:

To gain this badge you must do the following:

  • Big City Adventure: Go on an adventure in a Big City, and make a day of it. This could be doing your own Monopoly Run, an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt or even a pre-organised event.
  • Outdoor Adventure: Go back to nature, go on a hike whether that’s an overnight hike, an incident hike or even a normal hike. Treat yourself to the outdoors.
  • One-Of-A-Kind Adventure: In a patrol, section or unit, go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, this could be for example the first time to a Baseball match, etc.
  • Team Adventure: In a small group or team, go on an adventure. Try an escape room for the first time, or have an activity without the aid of adult supervision.
  • Korean Adventure: Whether you visit Korea or not, try doing something Korean. This could be the first time trying Korean food, or a Korean game, etc.
  • Personal Adventure: The Jamboree theme is “Draw Your Dream”. What is one thing you’ve dreamt of doing, then go and do it. Whatever you dream, make it an adventure!

And you can gather all your adventures with photographs, and even add a vinyl sticker or two onto the cover as an idea

Please be aware this is not a uniform badge

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