Environment WSJ Challenge Badge 3/7


This badge is part of a set of 7 challenge badges to promote the World Scout Jamboree 2023, in which Oggy will be attending. This can either be purchased as a collector’s badge or complete the requirements:

To gain this badge you must do the following:

  • Rethink: Look at a normal Scouting trip’s CO2 emissions and how by changing a few elements you might be more sustainable for the environment and take the Carbon Challenge
  • Reduce: Try something different, whether that’s a vegan or vegetarian recipe for the first time, maybe Korean inspired? A new veg you’ve never tried before. Maybe even a Cook-Off style with just veg.
  • Recover: Create some bird feeders, bug hotel, or plant wildflowers, making sure it’s not harmful to your local area.
  • Re-use: How much use can you get out of one thing before you recycle it? And how can you reduce plastic use all together?
  • Mindfulness: Find time to appreciate the beauty of nature, whether that being a breathing walk, leaf rubbings, or even finding the nature around you to create a rainbow image
  • Compassion: Take part in a big clean, whether it’s your local neighbourhood, a beach clean. Do something to clean up and look after the natural world.

Please be aware this is not a uniform badge

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