Peace WSJ Challenge Badge 1/7


This badge is part of a set of 7 challenge badges to promote the World Scout Jamboree 2023, in which Oggy will be attending. This can either be purchased as a collector’s badge or complete the requirements:

To gain this badge you must do the following:

  • As a dialogue, answer “what is peace to you?” as a group
  • Create a code of conduct or review one in your group for an outing or camping adventure. How should you act with others on site that might be different from you? Can any be changed, removed or added? What should happen if rules are broken?
  • Learn about Sadako Sasaki story and how this related to a past WSJ? See how many cranes you can make
  • Find out about the fable “The North Wind and the Sun” and how this relates to the Koreans way of dealing with enemies. Recreate in drawing or performance
  • Peaceful behaviours are being respectful of others beliefs and behaviours. Using dialogue, talk about how you can become more aware of your unconscious bias, and using appropriate behaviours and words, be more respectful to others? (ie 1st Potato Scout Group)
  • Peace can also be found from within. Explore different mental well-being techniques that can help calm the mind and focus. Different techniques will help different people. Try a few in your group or unit and see if any help.

Please be aware this is not a uniform badge

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