Science WSJ Challenge Badge 4/7


This badge is part of a set of 7 challenge badges to promote the World Scout Jamboree 2023, in which Oggy will be attending. This can either be purchased as a collector’s badge or complete the requirements:

To gain this badge you must do the following:

  • Science: Do an experiment that you discuss what could be the reaction, then complete the experiment and find out how it matched what you predicted. Examples: Moon Craters, Dandelion Experiment, etc.
  • Technology: Design a robot and make it out of recyclable products. What does your robot do to change the world in a positive way?
  • Engineering: Build a device that can house an object that when dropped from a height, it doesn’t damage. Examples: This could be an egg, or even a space craft lander.
  • Art: Learn about Do Ho Suh (Korean artist) and try to make your own art to replicate his
  • Mathematics: Go on a maths problem scavenger hunt around your local area. Can you find different objects that weigh the same as on your sheet or even the same length?

Please be aware this is not a uniform badge

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