Mission: Oggy Series III

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

You would like to be a part of a unique Scoutadelic additional show. The idea is that you will go up against three other competitors in a series of challenges. Each month you’ll receive up to three different missions, for you to complete whenever you wish within that month. You will need to start filming before opening the wax sealed envelope, read the contents out loud in front of camera and then complete the task however you can, within the allotted amount of time. For some missions, they’ll be an additional note on the outside of the envelope, for example a certain room to be in, etc.

Once filmed you’ll send the footage to Scoutadelic via either Google Drive or Dropbox or email, depending on the size of the footage.

You won’t be able to advise anyone what you’re doing, nor try to work out any of the other competitors until Gilwell Reunion, when you will need to attend the event and be told to meet at a location for roughly 2hrs (we will try and make sure you’re aware of this time to plan your journey/event around it). There you will not only meet the other competitors in person, but you’ll also see how the others did in the tasks and points will be scored.

You will need:

  • A camera / camera phone
  • A stand / tripod
  • A webcam
  • Think you’re up to the mission? Fill in the form below and if you’re fortunate, you might be having some missions appear in the post in May.