Where’s Scoutadelic?

What is it?

Where’s Scoutadelic is an event set in London for Explorer Scouts (aged 14-17) and Adult Leaders (aged 18+). It is on Saturday 10th October 2020. Teams will go around London to 20 locations trying to find Scoutadelic, a bit like a Where’s Wally puzzle book except in real life. Once found, they need to take a selfie and move onto the next location. There may be other surprises along the way during the day.

What do I need?

Each team must consist of either 4 – 6 people. No teams can be mixed (ie you either have a team of Explorers or a team of Adults). If you can’t make a team, you can enter as individuals and we’ll arrange a team for you. Each team will need either a twitter profile or Instagram profile to compete, and we would suggest a charging bank to take with you. For safety, each team will be asked to download a certain app so that we are able to track you during the event. The app can be deleted once the event is over, just so we are able to make sure everyone is safe.

What’s the cost?

Each team cost is £25.00. If you’re booking on as an individual, the cost is £7.00 and you’ll be placed into a team on the day.

Final things

Registration opens on the day at 9am
Event starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm
Results are announced at 6pm

If you’re wanting to camp, here are a few suggestions:
Scout Park > http://www.scoutpark.org.uk/
Gilwell Park > https://www.scoutadventures.org.uk/centre/gilwell-park