Who are we?

About Us

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a scouter who wears orange, odd shoes, and a smile on my face: and with a skip in my step I’m here to help Scouting #BeALittle Scoutadelic.

Scoutadelic was born in January 2016 (I started life a few years earlier than that) It came from an activity that I’d done with my Cub Scouts; we had been vlogging all of our random weekly adventures, uploading them onto YouTube for parents to see, as a kind of cool video diary…What I didn’t expect was when a Scout group in Australia liked one of our ideas, and sent us photos of them enjoying their version of the activity! How had my Cub group made it all the way around the world? Then it came to me, what if I could take all of the ideas and activities and help the Scouting community to share them in a fun and interactive way? Like the Scouting Magazine, but easier to read and a lot more fun!

And so, Scoutadelic was born (mainly because Scoutalicious was taken). I wanted to meet new people all over the UK (and the World), learn and show-off new skills that others could try out, see what other groups got up to, and pack it all with as much fun and smiles as possible (my goal is always to make my co-hosts laugh at least once!).

So almost three years later, I’ve travelled all over the UK, met almost 40 different people to co-host with, handed out over 2,000 glow-in-the-dark wristbands, hand-written over 1,000 letters and sent out over 3,000 participation badges. I even have an #OrangeArmy, who lurk in the shadows gathering content and filming snippets for me. Then it comes to me. I film it, edit it, upload it, type every single word to promote it and usually I’m off on my next adventure before I have time to think.

So that’s what Scoutadelic is but what does it mean? Scoutadelic is fun, it’s amazing, it’s silly, it’s inspiring and I hope that each episode inspires you to #BeALittle Scoutadelic too!