Halloween Activities & Ideas

Halloween comes once a year, but in doing so can give you a bump in the night in preparing. Whilst there are tons of ideas in your witches cauldron already, if you’re looking to spice up your spells, do things differently and twinkle some magic, here are a list of some fun activities and ideas you can do for a one-off night, or a weekend of wickedness:

Mystery at Oggy Manor (Online Event)
Making a Model Human Heart
Nuclear Waste
Troll Bogies
Smoothie Challenge

Dragon’s Tails
Spider Web
Monster Base Survival
String Trail
Glowstick Gauntlet
Beetle Drive

Fire Breathing Dragon
Monster Bookmark
Origami Jumping Frog
Origami Dragons
Origami Stars

Edible Slime
Campfire Apples
Sausage Spiders